Pastoral and Evangelistic.

  • To provide pastoral care, security and confidence-building to the scattered Christian Community through out the province
  • To provide the logistical need of the Christian community and work towards its sustainability.
  • To continue to develop Evangelistic programs both through traditional (i.e. Book Rooms etc.) and through other approaches (i.e. itinerant evangelists).


  • To develop programs for ‘conscious engagement’ with the world of Islam through varied approaches.
  • To encourage local Presbyters to develop bilateral relationship with their counterparts within the Muslim community.
  • To work for peace and harmony amongst all communities through bodies like the World Council of Religions (Pakistan).
  • To be vigilant about all ramifications of Shariah law in our own province and elsewhere.

Diakonia and Development

  • To continue to use our educational and health-care institutions as the “Diakonia Centers” where we endeavor to re-enact “God’s love as experienced in Jesus Christ for all people”.
  • To work towards the viability of our institutions.
  • To engage in development programs whichh responds to the marginalized communities.
  • To focus on the economic uplift of the Christian community through entrepreneurial programs, so that the Gospel Community is worth its place in the society.


  • To nurture and equip Christian leadership.
  • To raise financial resources through property development and other possible means which make us sustainable.
  • To manage and share our financial resources with equity and integrity.


  • To play a positive role in the life and development of the Church of Pakistan.
  • To be effective witness in the civic society, especially for the well being and integrity of Pakistan.
  • To maintain our living relationship with the World Church which is based upon mutual respect, accountability and which is a true expression of the One, Holy and Catholic Church, being the body of Christ.