Adult Literacy:

The Diocesan Development and Relief has designed this project to provide basic literacy to the adult members of the community. The emphasis is to enable them to read and write in Urdu, our national language. This also provides an opportunity to give them awareness regarding:

  • Child Education
  • Health and Hygiene
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Environmental Issues, like global warming, water, air and noise pollution and soil erosion.
  • Human Rights
  • Bounded Labor
  • Mother and Child Care; and
  • Child Vaccination

The teachers are specially trainned for these centers. They are also provided refresher courses regarding various topics to enhance their teaching skills.

The duration of a class is one year, after every three (03) months the project Supervisor take the exam and asses the quality of education. The students are also taught to write letters, keep household accounts and prepare grocery lists etc. Each class consists of at least 15 students and almost 300 students graduate each year.