Parishes and their concerned Priests


Total Priests: 30
Total Lay Pastors and Catechists: 8
Outreach Workers: 4
Total Lay Assitants: 5

Total Parishes and Sub-Parishes: 47

Legands: (P) TelePhone (C) Cell Phone(O) Office Phone (R) Residence Phone (F) Fax Number

S.No Name of Priest/ Address Contacts.
The Rt. Rev. Humphrey S Peters, 

The Bishop of Peshawar,
Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (KP)
(0) 091-5279094
(C) 0300-8580325
(F) 091-5277499
2. The Rev. Patrik Naeem Johnson,
Associate Priest, All Saints Church Peshawar City.

(O) 091-5278764
(C) 0336-9245213

3. The Rev. Joseph John
Preist In-charge, St.John’s Cathedral, Peshawar Cantt.
(C) 0300-9024456
4. The Rev. Yousaf Patras Masih
Health Chaplin c/o Mission Hospital Compound, Peshawar.
(O) 091-2566387
5. The Rev. Shahazad Murad
Priest In-charge,
i) All Saints’ Church, Peshawar City.
ii) St. Matthews Church Phandu.
iii) Church of All Saints Martyrs Ring Road, Peshawar.
(C) 0300-5857795
6. The Rev.Salamat Masih
Priest In-charge, St. Mary’s Church, Risalpur Cantt.
(R) 0923-631597
7. The Rev. Amir Patras
Priest In-charge
Tarnab Farm Parish, Peshawar.
(C) 0346-9108690
8. The Rev. Murad Masih
Priest In-charge,
i) St. Paul’s Sarhadi Church, Mardan Cantt.
ii) Guides Chapel, Mardan.
(R) 0937-861259
(C) 0306-2670277
9. The Rev. Patrick Naeem
Secretary, Mission and Ministry Board (Acting)
(C) 0336-9245213
10. The Rev. Samuel Gill 
Associate Priest, St. John’s Cathedral Peshawar
(R) 091-2550784(C) To Be Added
11. The Rev. Sharjeel 
Priest In-charge,
i) Christ Church, Nowshera Cantt.
ii) Jahangira Sub Parish.
iii) Khairabad Sub Parish.
iv) Pubbi Sub Parish.
v) Cherat Sub Parish.
vi) Amanghar Sub Parish.
vii) Akora Khattak Sub Parish.
(R) 0923-611032
12. The Rev. Altaf Gohar 
(Property Secretary) & Priest In-charge,
i) Lalazar Church, University Campus, Peshawar.
ii) Forest College Church, Agriculture University.
(O) 091-5276519

(C) 0300-5761884

13. The Rev. Waseem Ayaz
Priest In-charge,
i) Church of the Holy Name, Mission Hospital Compound, Bannu.
ii) Contonment Church.
iii) Christian Compound Church, Bannu City.
iv) Miran Shah Sub Parish (Tribal Area).
v) Karak Sub Parish.
(C) 0301-8183153
14. The Rev. Khushbakht John
Priest In-charge,
i) St. Augustines Church, The Mall Kohat Cantt.
ii) St. James Church, Hangu.
iii) Dera Adam Khel Sub Parish
iv) Lachi Sub Parish
(C) To Be Added
15. The Rev. Aftab Gohar
(On deputation)


16. To Be Added
i) Bajour Agency, Sub Parish (Tribal Area).
ii) Timergrah Parish.
(C) To be Added


The Rev.Rafique Javed
Priest In-charge,
i) St. Lukes Church, Jinnah Road Cantt, Abbottabad.
ii) St. Matthew’s Church Nathiagali.
iii) St. John’s Church Dongagali.
iv) St. Xavier Church Thandiani.
(O) 0992-334105
18. The Revd. Tahir Pervaiz, 
Priest In-charge, St. Paul’s Church, Tall Cantt.
(C) 0343-9226652
19. The Rev. Yousaf T. Azam,
Bishop’s Chaplain, Education Chaplin and Associate Priest St John’s Cathedral Peshawar Cantt.
(C) 0300-5904539
20. The Revd. Shahid Younis
i) In-Charge Priest, St. Thomas’ Church, Dera Ismail Khan, Cantt
(C) 0300-5728327
  21. The Revd. Chan Masih
i) Principal,  St. Thomas’ High School Dera Ismail Khan.
ii) Associate Priest, St. John’s Church Dera Ismail Khan City.
(C) 0334-8459169 (C) 0333-9852990
22. The Revd. Emmanuel Sohail Gill
St. John’s Church, Haripur.
23. The Rev. Alexander T.M Azam,
Priest In-Charge Yousafabad Parish and Youth Coordinator
(C) 0332-9307564
24. The Rev. Stephen Sani,
Priest Incharge,
i) St. Peter’s Church, Charsadda.
ii) Shabqadar Sub Parish.
(C) 0300-5905734
25. The Rev. Qaisar Shahbaz,
Priest Incharge,
i) Swat Parish.
ii) St George’s Church, Malakand.
(C) To Be Added
26. To Be Added
Assitant Priest, St. Paul’s Church Mardan Cantt.
27. The Rev. Akmal Haroon,
Parish Priest, United Church, University Parish, Peshawar.
(C) To be Added
28. The Rev. Honey Maqsood,
Priest In-charge 
i) Tarbela Parish, Tarbela.
ii) Ghazi Berhota Sub Parish.
iii) Right Bank Canal, Sub Parish Tarbela.
iv) Sawabi Sub Parish.
(C) To Be Added
29. The Rev. Sharoon Gill,
Parish Priest
i ) Tank Parish  ii) Manzai Sub Parish
(C) To Be Added
30. The Rev. Riaz Masih,
Priest Incharge St. Thomas Church, Parachinar (Tribal Area).
(C) 0926-311312