Prison Ministry


In 1996, Diocese of Peshawar set up a Prison ministry desk under its Mission and Ministry Board. The Prison ministry addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children and helps them become productive citizens. This ministry is exclusively evangelical in nature and does not engage in litigation.

Initially, Rev. Nadeem Sadiq of the Peshawar Diocese was looking after the desk, but since November 1, 2005, Rev. Rasheed Nazir has taken over responsibilities of the Prison Ministry. He regularly visits the Correctional Centers (Jails. There are three (3) main correctional centers in the pastoral and Episcopal area of the Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan.

Ms. Reena Patrick, coordinator Women desk of Peshawar Diocese also visits the correctional centers and is serving the captive women and children.


The Prison Ministry offers the following services.

  • Directs pastoral and sacramental ministry to imprisoned men, women and children.
  • Educates the community on the nature of incarceration and the needs of the prisoners and their families.
  • Advocates for the rights of the imprisoned. Work with the civic and community leaders for a more just and humane correctional system.

There are many Christian captives in different jails of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) FATA and Northern areas. They are mostly charged with illegal drug trafficking. Majority of them are foreigners from the African continent. The prison ministry Chaplin visits them on weekly basis.

We are privileged to have the support and cooperation of the local prison authorities. We thank God for their cooperation and courage and strength through which we enable the incarcerated men, women and children to lead a respectable life and become instruments of services to the whole people of God.Please remember those who are in prison, and need your support and prayers.

Dear Friends! The Prison Ministry of the Peshawar Diocese wish to reach out to all the Christian Prisoners who are imprisoned because of their faith and suffering from various adversities like poverty, lawlessness and persecution.

Our Vision is to:

  • Restore their respect.
  • Empower then to a better life.
  • Teach them to depend on God for their needs.

We need your moral, spiritual, and financial support for the incarcerated men, women and children of our society.

The Diocese of Peshawar Church of Pakistan is grateful to all its friends and partners for their support and cooperation.

For more information on the topic please contact:

The Revd. Patrick Naeem

Secretary Mission and Ministry Board (Acting)

Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan.