In 1995, Diocese of Peshawar established a Junior Church Desk, under the Mission and Ministry Sector. Initially, Mrs. Qamar Javid was given the responsibility of this desk.

The aims of this desk are:

  • To give proper Christian education to the children according to their age and mental approach, and
  • To equip the Junior Church teachers with the latest and modern teaching methods and materials.

The Junior Church ministry is working effectively in every Parish of the Diocese. There are thirty-six (36) Junior Churches serving the Christian children, in all over the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Northern areas of the Province, a pastoral care area of the Peshawar Diocese. Diocese of Peshawar believes that the Junior Church plays a vital role in nurturing future Christian leadership in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Annual Activities:

  • Training workshops for the Junior Church teachers.
  • Summer Camps at hill stations.
  • Counseling program in collaboration with the Diocesan Youth Desk.
  • Sports day, in which all the Junior Churches of the Diocese participate.
  • Christmas rallies for all the Parishes.

Purpose of these Programs:

We feel that the Children are very important part of the Church and survival of Christanity in this country. As we are living in a non- Christian country, it is very important that our children are well aware of their faith. Most of our children are studying in government schools where Islamic education is compulsory. In these circumstances, it becomes imperative to equip them with Christian knowledge. Besides Christian education, the Junior Church provides an opportunity to visit the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan during their summer camps.

Our Future Plans:

  • We are planning to have a Grand Sports and Christmas Rallies in all the Parishes, this Christmas.
  • Junior Church Teachers Training Workshop at Dongagali Retreat and Renewal Center.
  • Summer Camp for Teachers and Children at Dongagali Retreat and Renewal Center.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Naveeda 
Coordinator Junior Church
Mission and Ministry Sector